Groom: “Why I Prefer a Bride in a Veil”

I thought I would do something different this week and give you one man’s perspective on brides that wear a veil on their big day. My fiancé is very supportive of my business endeavors, but is a bit clueless on the whole ‘wedding thing’ as he calls it. I recently asked my fiancé to sit down and write out his view on veils and here is what he came up with:

“When I first thought about the wedding day and what exactly I wanted or didn’t want to happen, it was very difficult to get a clear picture. I thought weddings are all about the bride and her vision. The more my fiancée and I talked though, I came to see that she wants me to have just as special and momentous of a wedding day as she is going to have.

“Our wedding is still months away, which for someone like me is an eternity. I usually don’t start my Christmas shopping until well into December – sometimes on December 24th! So thinking about our wedding and making decisions now can be tough.

“I guess there are things I know that I absolutely do not want, and similarly there are things that I know I want. That makes the planning process a bit easier.

“As far as my future wife wearing a veil on our wedding day, I am definitely more traditional. I prefer a bride in a veil. I am no fashion expert, as my fiancée reminds me from time to time, but I do know that a veil is one of the little touches that give a bride that finished look. I can envision our perfect wedding day in my mind and I see my beautiful bride and me standing face-to-face in the warm sun. Finally I get to pull back that veil and gaze into her magnificent eyes.

“Romantic and sappy: 100 percent. However, it is in that moment that I get to call her my wife, and there is just something magical and timeless about it all.

“Since my fiancée started her wedding accessory business, I have been able to see more than a few veils lying around our home! I still don’t know all the veil terminology, but I am learning. Getting to touch the veils and see the differences of each one is interesting. I always thought I liked the look of the classic birdcage veil best. Now I am not so sure. If I had to guess, I think my fiancée is going to wear a veil that is a bit longer. Whichever veil she chooses will look great I am sure!”

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