There are endless combinations when it comes to wedding day attire and a coordinating bridal veil. In this article, I want to chat about why you should consider designing a custom bridal veil for your big day!

Fashion & Your Bridal Look

The wedding industry is not immune to ever-changing fashion trends. Around the world, young brides are opting for a less traditional wedding ceremony as well as a reception that caters to their needs and particular sense of fashion. And quite frankly, I see nothing wrong with that.

Some brides prefer a less traditional bridal look (e.g., wear a hair comb) while others may choose to go completely natural and let their luscious locks flow free, perhaps adding a floral crown.

Veils aren’t for everyone, only you can know if a wedding veil should form part of your bridal day attire. If you do choose to wear a veil, you may only wear it for a couple of hours surrounding the ceremony. Personally, I wore a drop-cut veil for my wedding as I think it is a timeless piece of wedding attire that completes the transformation into a beautiful blushing bride.

Design a Custom Bridal Veil

Where to Start?

A bride will need to make a choice between either a longer veil length or a shorter one:

  • Longer veils – Knee length, chapel, and cathedral styles; are almost universally flattering, but definitely lean more towards formality and tradition.
  • Shorter veils – Visor and birdcage styles; tend to give off an informal feel and show a little more of your personality.

Designing a custom bridal veil is a good option for those who know they want to wear a veil, but can’t find a particular length, cut, or embellishment to match their dress. Several offline and offline companies are able to create a veil to your specifications including choice of color, length, edging, and even embellishments.  And don’t get scared away by price – the word custom doesn’t need to imply more expensive either!

If you are stuck and can’t seem to find the perfect veil off the rack, you can always go the custom bridal veil route.

The Boutique Veil Sale

More often than not, brides select a veil under the following circumstances:

While trying on gowns in a bridal boutique, an experienced boutique salesperson notices a sure sign that the gown you are wearing could be the one. She quickly pops an off-the-rack standard veil on your head to complete the bridal look. That is the moment when you and all your bridal party will have a ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ moment complete with teary eyes!

My advice: Don’t fall for it.

It just so happens that you are caught up in an emotional moment. There is nothing wrong with the up-sell tactic outlined above – people get sold add-on products all the time in many industries. But here is a little secret I will let you in on: most standard bridal veils found in bridal boutiques are made of bridal tulle supplied by the same few wholesalers around the United States. (Trust me, I know from running my own online veil shop!)

When looking for a veil keep in mind that dress designers often create veils tailored specifically to match a gown design. These custom designs often come with custom prices.

My Recommendation for Buying a Veil

Take note of the veil the bridal shop picks out for you, especially if you like how it flatters your dress. Ask questions about the length and accents. And then politely decline to buy the veil at this time, telling the shop attendant that you are going to keep looking.

It is easy to get caught up in the moment and spend an extra $200-$300 on a bridal veil, especially when you have just shelled out $3000 on a wedding gown. Shop owners know this and use it to their advantage. Hand selling items that appear cheap in comparison to the product you just bought is an easy win for a sales associate in many retail settings.

There is a more personalized way to get exactly what you are looking for at a comparable (or cheaper) price – design your own bridal veil and order a custom bridal veil. Get the exact look you want for your wedding style.

Your Bridal Dress and the Perfect Veil Style

To find the perfect matching veil for your wedding dress start by considering the length of your gown. When you first go for your dress fitting, see what lengths work best with your gown. Your goal is to find the veil style that will complement the overall silhouette, won’t take away from the dress, and doesn’t break up the flow of the ensemble.

mermaid fit and flare icon

Mermaid/Trupet/Fit & Flare

With a mermaid, trumpet, or fit & flare gown, you want to choose a veil that will showcase the flared skirt.

Stick to long and narrow veils or a fingertip to mid-length veil silhouette, which will complement the gown perfectly.

Mini/Tea Length

A birdcage veil is a great option for those who decide to wear a shorter gown, and want to pull off a vintage vibe.

A fly-away veil (falls at or below the shoulders) is also another beautiful choice for shorter wedding dresses.


A-line wedding gowns are all about proportion. You want to choose a veil that will showcase the gorgeous bodice of the dress. Veils in fingertip, knee length, or chapel length are all great options for an A-line gown.

Empire Waist

An empire waist gown should have a matching veil that showcases the gorgeous bodice of the dress. As with an A-line gown, choose veils in fingertip length, knee length, or chapel length.


Ball Gown

When your gown has a full skirt, the best option is a mid-length veil. A waist, hip, or fingertip length will do the trick. When choosing a mid-length veil for your ball gown make sure that it fall at least 3″ below the back neckline.

And if you are thinking you would like to wear a chapel length veil, that will work too, but just keep in mind that you will need to carry the veil around after the ceremony to ensure you don’t step on it. (Then again, that’s what a maid of honor is for, right?!)


Slim, fitted wedding gowns pair beautifully with longer veils. Floor-length or chapel length veils paired with gowns that either have no train or a little train are absolutely stunning.

As a rule of thumb, choose a veil that is slightly longer than the train or hem of your dress. If you prefer something shorter, another beautiful option to wear with a sheath gown is a birdcage or fingertip length veil.

A timeless option for bridal veils is the fingertip length veil. It works beautifully with all different style wedding dresses and is the versatile choice for a range of different venues – backyard garden, a beach, and even a formal church setting.

Custom Made Bridal Veil Options

It would seem that custom veil combinations are endless — meaning you can create your very own one-of-a-kind veil for your big day!

Our sister website offers a wide range of beautiful illusions bridal tulle veils using designer quality nylon tulle. We also offer the option of creating your own custom made veil design to fit your own style, handmade to order with love in the USA.

If you’re looking for veil advice, a unique embellishment, a special length, different color, or something uniquely yours, then the ClassicVeils custom option is for you! You’ll be able to customize the exact length (down to the inch), style, edging, accents/embellishments, and even the type of comb the veil is attached.

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