Tulle Swatch Sample


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If you are unsure of which veil tulle color to choose for your gown, it is a good idea (that we would highly suggest) to order a tulle swatch sample card. Its not always necessary, but it is a good way to confirm in person the right tulle color to match a gown.

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Please be aware that the tulle swatches are folded over to make perfect little square samples and they will appear more saturated than if it were just a single or double layer of tulle. The actual veil will be lighter in color.

Also, certain tulle is only available in certain widths.

Choose from Bridal illusion tulle Swatch Sample Options:

1) White, Diamond White and Ivory – Available Widths (54″, 72″ 108″)
2) Sparkle White, Sparkle Diamond White, Sparkle Ivory – Available Widths (54″, 72″ 108″)
3) Glitter White & Glitter Ivory – Available Widths (54″)
4) Beige – Available Widths (54″, 72″ 108″) and Cafe & Sparkle Cafe – Available Widths (54″)
5) Light Oyster, Blush Pink and Light Pink – Available Widths (54″)
6) Gold & Light Gold – Available Widths (54″)
7) Navy Blue & Royal Blue – Available Widths (54″)
8) Victorian Lilac and Light Blue – Available Widths (54″)
9) Red, Wine & Chocolate – Available Widths (54″)
10) Silver – Available Widths (54″, 72″ 108″) & Black Available Widths (54″)

Once you have ordered and found the perfect swatch, check out all our beautiful veils or create your very own custom veil with your chosen veil color.


White, Diamond White and Ivory, Sparkle White, Sparkle Diamond White, Sparkle Ivory, Glitter White & Glitter Ivory, Beige, Cafe & Sparkle Cafe, Light Oyster, Blush Pink and Light Pink, Gold & Light Gold, Navy Blue & Royal Blue, Victorian Lilac and Light Blue, Red, Wine & Chocolate, Silver & Black