Have you ever put an idea out into the universe and got a response? Well, that is kind of how this photoshoot came to be.

It all started a few weeks ago when I was trying to come up with a photoshoot to showcase more of our amazing veils. I had already lined up a wedding dress shop to partner with, called Gianna’s Bridal & Boutique in Stoneham, MA. The owner was more than happy to let us use her dresses for the shoot, so I began researching locations and photographers outside of Boston MA.

I went into the bridal shop to discuss a few possible options, that is when I met Myrlie Sermeil. She was there on behalf of a local photographer, Welch Paul of Royal Soul Productions. They were looking to use Gianna’s bridal dresses for a photoshoot as well! I couldn’t believe it, here I was in the process of putting together a shoot for classic veils and in walks an insanely talented woman with the same goals. Naturally I didn’t hesitate in asking, “do you need any veils for your shoot?” and just like that fate had intervened.

Everything was happening so fast; I had just met Myrlie on a Wednesday and the shoot was scheduled for the following Sunday! I had Meredith send me some combs and a few more veils that we could use.

Myrlie and I had the same vision of how we hoped the shoot would turn out. Our styles meshed really well together. We chose three different wedding dress styles from Gianna’s and about 6 veils to feature. And three combs. When I first saw the comb styles, I almost laughed out loud. They went perfectly with the three dresses we chose, even though I didn’t tell Meredith what the dresses looked like she managed to match each look perfectly! It was kismet.

The photoshoot took place at Welch Paul’s studio called Love notes loft in the outskirts of Boston. The studio is set up nicely with enough space to host intimate weddings, showers, celebrations, and more. It was the perfect location for our shoot.

I cannot say enough good things about the photoshoot team. Everyone had something to offer, and we worked so well together. This whole team has such an amazing eye for detail. You can tell just how much of themselves they give to their craft.

Welch has an amazing eye. He came up with so many different angles, I wouldn’t have thought of, we got so many amazing shots. Along with Myrlie’s impeccable direction, the shoot was flawless.

The models were not only gorgeous but very talented as well. You could tell they really loved what they do and have honed their skills.

It was a very long day, but no one seemed to mind. They wanted to make sure we all got enough shots for our respective companies, and I think the pictures speak for themselves. These are just a few photos I had taken that day. Can’t wait to share the professional ones!

It was truly amazing, the way the partnership worked out so well, it just goes to show you if you put an idea out there the universe really does listen! Not only did I meet such amazing people that day, but I made real connections along the way.


Photography: @princewelch@royalsoulproductionstudio

Director: @myrsx

Models: @artistickryptonite@rainaajo@hernica_jc

Makeup: @cocochannelle_faces

Hair: @shaystlezu

Dresses: @giannasbridal

Veils and combs: @classic_veils

Shot on location at @Lovenotesloft

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