How to Select and Tie a Bridal Sash

How to Select a Bridal Sash Belt

purple-satin-bowWearing a bridal belt or sash is a great way to personalize your wedding gown and make it one of a kind. If you do choose a bridal sash, you will likely wear a gown with a drop waist or something with a slightly longer waistline. By incorporating a sash into your ensemble, attention is directed to your natural waist (or the smallest part of your figure) to create a lean and tall look – the flattering appearance that every bride hopes to accomplish.

The key to wearing a sash with your gown is balance. If your gown is elaborate and already has a lot of detail or shiny bead work, try paring a simple chic sash that will not take away from the gown. And vise versa, if your gown has less frills then choose a more lavish belt that adds eye catching detail and sparkle.

Bridal sashes come in different types of material. Heavier satin with a little more body tends to form the best bow and gives an elegant look. In addition, the weight of the material makes the sash easier to tie than something that is too thin. If you are looking for a crisp or structured bow, using a thicker satin material is perfect.

Bows & Colors

organza_bowFor a large dramatic bow, or something delicate that hangs down the dress, then use a softer material such as organza or chiffon.

Want to add a little color to your wedding day attire? A colored wedding sash is a great way to add an unexpected surprise and contrast to a traditional white or ivory dress.

Tie a Sash Belt

Tying your wedding sash into a bow is an art form. It can be easy, but you should practice in order to create a stunning bow!

Check out this great instructional video showing how to tie a bow with a square knot, tie a sash with a twist in the front and how to tie a regular bow.

Experiment by placing the belt or sash across your natural waistline, under your bust-line, or across the dropped waistline. Once you find the most flattering spot, a seamstress can always affix the sash to the dress so that you don’t have to worry about the sash moving out of place.

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