How you wear your bridal veil matters.

If you wear the veil higher up on the crown of your head it will bring all the material forward by letting it fall over your shoulder and frame your face, especially if it has an embellished edge.

You can also wear your veil lower at the base or back of the head in a low bun, thereby concealing much of the material from the front and allowing it to drape down the back. Wearing veils in this manner has become popular and modern in the last few years, giving a sheer and subdued touch to the overall look.

Steps To Insert The Comb Of The Veil

Hold the comb upside down with the metal teeth of the comb angled towards your forehead.

The layers of tulle should be pulled out of the way, down your back.

If your veil has a blusher, the blusher should be on top.

Rotate the comb backwards so the concave part of the comb is now facing downwards. Then push the comb into your hair.

Slide the comb into your hair until it feels secure.

Secure the comb using bobby pins.

Make sure that the veil does not move and is anchored to the head.

Tips for Securing your Bridal Veil

The metal comb will come with small loops at the base of the comb that allow the stylist or yourself to put a bobby pin through the loops and anchor down to the head. If you have a bun or similar hair style, the comb will sit nicely on top and have a good foundation. ALWAYS anchor it with a bobby pin. You never know what your veil will catch on – perhaps grandma gives you too big of a hug!

You want the veil extremely secure so you are not worried about any last minute changes right before you walk down the aisle.

Smooth out the tulle on the veil. If you’re wearing part of the veil over your face, make sure the blusher will lay nicely on top.

How to Add A Tiara To Wear With Your Veil

Slide your tiara in front of the veil at a 45 degree angle.

Adjust the tiara toward the veil making sure there is no gap between the two.

Secure the ends of the tiara using bobby pins. Cover the exposed metal bands of the tiara with your hair.

Wearing A Veil with Your Hair Down

Working with a professional hairstylist is best as they will know what needs to be done to wear a veil with your hair down.

However, all is not lost if you are on your own!

A suggested method: use a backcombing brush and backcomb a section of hair at the crown of the head to create a secure base. Then spray some hair spray under the section of hair so that the hair will not move and will stay in place. After carefully brushing and smoothing the hair out, insert the veil with the metal comb as outlined above in this post.

Common Do’s and Dont’s To Wearing a Bridal Veil

If you are wearing a Birdcage Veil:

  • DO place it towards the crown of your head and let the netting fall just below your nose
  • DONT place it close to your hair line and allow it to cover your entire face

If you choose a Fingertip Veil:

  • DO style your hair in a simple bun and attach the veil above the bun
  • DONT place it beneath like its being dispensed from your hair style

If you prefer a Double Layer Veil:

  • DO make sure you tuck it into the crown of your head and allow it to fall equally down the both sides
  • DONT make sure you tuck it into the crown of your head and allow it to fall equally down the both sides

Finally, if you love a Mantilla style:

  • DO pin it into your hair about 2 inches back from your hair line
  • DONT place it behind your ears or you will lose the effect of this ornate style

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