Not sure what color of tulle to choose for your bridal veil or have questions about our veil fabrics? This guide will help you determine the best color for your wedding veil and provide insight into the color and fabric options we offer at Classic Veils.

Whether you’re just starting your veil journey and have no idea what you’re looking for, or you’ve got a clear veil vision and are ready to make it come true, I hope this guide and my other guides will help answer any questions you may have along the way!

What type(s) of tulle does Classic Veils use?

All of our veils are made with Illusion Tulle. This is the most widely used veil fabric, due to its affordability, versatility, and sheerness.

Illusion Tulle comes in a wide range of colors, shimmers, and widths. Made of 100% nylon, this tulle has a soft texture and fine netting in a diamond-shaped pattern.

It is the sheerest of all tulle options and has a medium body, which means you can get a higher pouf when you gather it in a comb if that’s the look you’re after). If you’re planning to include a blusher, this sheer tulle is ideal because it photographs well.

Is Illusion Tulle high-quality?

Illusion Tulle is a type of fabric and its quality depends a lot on the manufacturer. We have high-quality standards for our Classic Veil tulle and work closely with our carefully-vetted manufacturer to ensure these standards are upheld at all times.

Be aware that some online shops provide cheap veils made with low-quality tulle that rips easily. We are not one of these shops. Rather, it is always our top priority to ensure our veils are of high-quality and durable so you have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day!

Is Illusion Tulle soft and not scratchy?

Classic Veils uses a high-quality Illusion Tulle that is soft and will not scratch the skin.

What tulle color options does Classic Veils offer?

We offer 28 different tulle colors. Our most popular colors are white, diamond white and ivory, and variations of these shades, such as glimmer ivory. If you’re not sure which shade of white would work best with your gown, you can order a swatch tulle sample, which we’ll mail directly to you.

Besides shades of white, we also offer a wide variety of color options including shades of blue, brown, pink, gold, silver, black, red, wine, and lilac.

How do I choose the right color for my wedding veil?

Traditionally most brides have opted for a veil color that matches their wedding dress. Recently, however, some brides have been opting to choose a veil shade or color that provides a contrast to their white wedding dress, such as a blush, grey, gold or silver tulle. Still other brides are opting for a colored wedding dress and choosing a veil color that complements it.

Ultimately the choice is yours! Many of our brides still prefer to go with tradition and match their veil and gown. If you decide to go this route, you’ll want to choose a shade of white that complements your dress. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the best shade:

White Tulle:  White Illusion Tulle is a true white and is your best bet if you have a wedding gown labeled by the maker as white and made from synthetic materials. If you’re wearing a silk gown, you’ll want to go with a Diamond White tulle (see below for explanation).

Diamond White Tulle: This is the most popular shade of white for veils. It is an off-white shade and is softer than white but not as yellow as ivory. It’s the Goldilocks of whites! Diamond White coordinates well with white silk, which is an off-white because it is a natural material. It will also match a wedding dress in candlelight or antique white.

Ivory Tulle: Ivory Tulle is a soft, light shade of ivory with subtle yellow undertones. It complements ivory bridal gowns and also goes well with champagne and light gold-colored gowns.

Once you’ve selected a shade of white, you may want to opt for a sparkle or glimmer variation of this tulle color.

If your gown is not a traditional shade of white or has color accents, you’ll want to choose a complementary veil color. If you can’t find an exact matching tulle, a general rule of thumb to follow ist o choose a veil color that is a shade lighter than your gown.

You may not be able to find the exact matching veil/tulle color for your wedding gown because all manufacturers are different. However, you can definitely get close enough so that only a veil expert could tell the difference!

Still not sure which tulle color to go with? Order a swatch tulle sample, and we’ll mail it to you right away, so you can see exactly how it will go with your wedding dress.

Does my veil have to match my dress?

I don’t believe in absolutes, especially when it comes to creating your wedding look – it’s your day after all! So, no your veil absolutely doesn’t have to match your dress. That being said, I’d encourage you to work with a tulle tone that complements your gown. For example, And, as mentioned above, when in doubt, it’s usually best to go one shade lighter than your dress

I have a blush dress, what color of veil should I wear?

There are several tulle options that complement a blush gown including sparkle diamond white, light pink, and blush pink. If you’re not sure, order a swatch tulle sample!

Have more questions about veil colors or fabrics?

If you still have a question (or three) about our veil colors or fabrics, please feel free to contact us – we promise we’ll reply promptly!

Have other veil-related questions? Check out our other veil guides for all things veil-related!

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