Much like icing on a cake, a beautiful edge can elevate your bridal veil’s overall look. It can be fun choosing between the many edge options, once you understand each type of edge. In this guide, I’ll explain each of the edge options we offer at Classic Veils so that you can feel confident making your ‘edgy’ choice!

We offer 11 veil edge options: cut, pencil, ribbon, ratail, soutache, filament, serged, rhinestone, pearl, rhinestone and pearl, and lace. With some of these edges, we also offer several variations in terms of width or color. I discuss these options in more detail below.

While we encourage you to go as wild as your heart desires with your veil edging, you may be wondering what the most popular edges are. Our cut and pencil edges are very popular amongst brides for their simple elegance – either would go well with almost any veil and dress.

What is a cut edge veil?

A cut edge is exactly what the names implies – an edge created by the cut tulle. In other words, there is no adornment added to the edge. The cut edge goes well with any dress but is particularly suitable if you have an elaborate dress or want to create a subtle veil look.

What is a Pencil/Corded Edge?

The pencil or corded edge features a very fine line of stitching all around the veil. It gives the veil edge more definition than a cut edge, but is still simple and subtle. It’s a very popular option with Classic Veil brides and works well with any gown. You can choose from a variety of cord colors, or go with a classic white.

What is a Ribbon edge Veil?

A ribbon edged veil is, as the name suggests, finished with a satin ribbon around the entire veil. We offer several different ribbon options, including:

  • 1/8″ Ribbon
  • 3/8″ Ribbon
  • 7/8″ Ribbon
  • Narrow sheer ribbon
  • Sheer Ribbon
  • Wide Sheer Ribbon
  • Horsehair Ribbon

Each ribbon edge offers a different veil effect. A narrow sheer ribbon, for example, offers a softer and more understated look, while the horsehair ribbon provides more structure and makes a bolder statement.

With so many ribbon edge options to choose from, you can create precisely the veil effect you are looking for.

What is a Ratail edge Veil?

The ratail edge is similar to the pencil/corded edge, only thicker. It runs the full edge of the veil and offers a dramatic touch.

What is a Soutache edge Veil?

A soutache edge is yet another variation on the corded edge, thicker still than the ratail edge. While simple in design when compared with a rhinestone or lace edge, the soutache edge creates a boldly elegant effect.

What is a Filament edge Veil?

Looking for a ruffle or curly effect from your veil? The filament edge is your best option. It creates a natural curl that brings some bounce to your veil and your overall look.

What is a Serged edge Veil?

A serged edge is a delicate edging that comes in silver, gold, or rose gold. With its jewelry-inspired colors, this edging gives the impression that your veil is edged with a fine chain of gold or silver. If you want to draw attention to your wedding day jewelry, a matching serge edge may be the way to go.

What is a Rhinestone edge Veil?

Want to give your veil a glam effect? Say hello to the rhinestone edge. With this option, tiny rhinestones (in your color of choice) encased in a chainlink-style edging are adorned along the edge of the veil. The final look is sophisticated and dramatic.

What is a Pearl edge Veil?

Create a vintage veil look with a pearl edge. A cord of small faux pearls is adorned to the edge of the veil, providing a sweet, subtle look that would pair well with a vintage gown or elevate an unembellished dress.

What is a Rhinestone and Pearl edge Veil?

Can’t decide between rhinestones or pearls? Great, because you don’t have to. A rhinestone and pearl edge features a cord of interchanging rhinestones and pearls in your color of choice. It’s definitely one of the bolder veil edging options, but for those with an ‘edgy’ style, the final look may be worth the risk.

What is a Lace edge Veil?

A lace edge veil is a thing of beauty! As the name implies, the veil is edged with lace to create a stunning look that is particularly well-suited to the bride wearing a lace gown. With 18 different lace designs to choose from in a variety of widths and shades of white, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating the perfect lace edge veil to complete your wedding day look.

How to choose the right lace for your veil?

Choosing amongst the many lace edge options may initially feel overwhelming, but rest assured it’s not as difficult a decision as you may think.

In order to choose the right lace for your veil, consider all the other elements of your veil as well as your dress. Are you going with a shorter veil? A narrower lace edge would be more suitable. On the other hand, if you’re going with a long train and want to make a big statement, a wider lace will create the desired effect.

If you’re wearing a lace wedding dress, keep in mind is that the lace pattern of your veil doesn’t have to match the pattern of your dress but should complement it. For example, a large patterned veil edge would not work especially well with a delicate, detailed lace dress.

Lace Veil Placement

Another consideration to take into account when creating a custom lace edge veil is the placement of the lace edge, as this will have a big impact on the overall look. We offer three lace placement options:

  • Lace around the bottom only
  • Lace partially up the veil
  • Lace around the entire veil

As you can imagine, a full lace edge using a wider lace will have a much more dramatic effect than a narrower lace edge around the bottom only.

Have more questions about veil edges?

If you are still not sure which veil edge is best for the look you want to create, please feel free to contact us – we promise we’ll reply promptly!

Have other veil-related questions? Check out our other veil guides for all things veil-related!

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