There are a number of different options when it comes to fastening your wedding veil to your hair. The type of veil attachment that most suitable for your wedding day look will depend on the type and weight of the veil you’re wearing, and your hair type.

One of the main decisions you’ll need to make with respect to your veil attachment is whether you want to use a comb or fasten the veil without using a comb.

In this guide, I’ll review the different veil attachment options we offer at Classic Veils. I’ll also explain which attachments work best depending on your hairstyle, veil, and other considerations.

After you’ve reviewed this guide, I highly recommend that you chat with your hairstylist and ask for their recommendation regarding your veil attachment. They will have the experience and knowledge to determine which attachment will work best with your type of hair, your hairdo and your veil. They may also have more experience using one method than another.

Classic Veil Attachment

At Classic Veils, we offer the following six attachment options for veils:

3″ Metal Comb

3″ Metal Comb
3″ Gold Metal Comb

This is the most popular option amongst brides and is especially well-suited to brides with thick hair. The curved comb is sewn to the veil and tucked securely into your hair. There is no additional charge for a metal comb attachment.

3″ Plastic Comb

Plastic Comb

The curved plastic comb is clear and well-suited to those that have fine hair because the teeth of the comb are closer together compared to the metal comb. For those with fair hair, the plastic comb may also be less visible, though depending on your veil placement, your comb may be well-hidden anyways. There is a $5 fee for this veil attachment.

3″ Velcro

Velcro Option

If you want a detachable blusher or plan to pair your veil with a headpiece (e.g. tiara), a velcro fastener is a great option. With the detachable blusher, the two velcro sides are sewn onto the comb and the edge of blusher, so it can be easily removed from the rest of your veil whenever you wish. Alternatively, if you’re planning to wear a headpiece, we can add a loop of velcro to your comb so that you can loop it around the headpiece to ensure the veil stays in place. There is an additional $5 fee for a velcro attachment.

No Comb, No Gather

Instead of using a comb, you or your hairstyist can secure the veil using hairpins, while ensuring the veil is not gathered. This attachment is ideal for drop veils and mantilla veils, although a comb can still create a similar look. Upon request, we will send hairpins along with your veil order at no additional cost.


Loop Opion

Elastic bridal loops are another option if you (or your hairstylist) wants to skip the comb. The loops are similar to those used to fasten bridal buttons on wedding dresses. The loops are sewn under the top of the veil in place of a comb, and then your hairstylist can use hairpins to fasten the veil to your hair. There is no additional charge if you choose elastic loops for your veil.

Gather Only


If you have a long or heavy veil, gathering the veil and fastening it with hairpins may be the best option. Upon request, we will send hairpins along with your veil order at no additional cost.

Bridal Veil Attachment FAQ

How do you attach a veil to a headpiece or tiara?

In general, attach the veil to your hair separate from your headpiece or tiara. Leaving your veil separate allows you to remove the veil without removing your tiara/headpiece.

If your headpiece or tiara is large enough, you could attach the veil to your hair directly behind the tiara/headpiece via the attached comb.

Alternatively, you could use hair pins to attach the veil.

Should I choose a metal comb or a plastic comb to fasten my wedding veil?

To go metal or plastic, that is the question. There’s a reason metal combs are by far the most popular amongst brides and I would typically recommend a metal comb over a plastic comb for the following reasons:

– It’s less likely to break than a plastic comb

– It anchors more securely in the hair and creates less bulk

– It can be removed more easily and without disturbing your hairstyle

– It can be anchored in place without additional hairpins. By comparison, sometimes it’s necessary to secure a plastic comb with hairpins.

– It’s very suitable for brides with thicker hair.

On the other hand, you may want to opt for a plastic comb if the following are key considerations for you:

– You have fine hair and want extra ‘grip’ from a plastic comb, which has teeth that are closer together.

– You are concerned about the comb being visible in your hair. Since a plastic comb is clear, it’s likely to be less visible than a metal comb, especially on fair-haired brides.

For a very long and heavy veil, which comb attachment should I choose?

Due to their weight, some long or heavy veils may not be suitable to attach with a comb. This is because the comb may not be strong enough to hold the veil in place and/or the fabric could tear – neither of which you want to happen on your wedding day.

Instead of a comb, I would suggest one of the following options:

Use hairpins to secure the veil to the head. You’ll want to discuss this option with your hairstylist to ensure they are comfortable doing his and that your hairstyle suits this option. We can send hairpins along with your veil at no additional cost. Note from the image depicted below that these hairpins are different than bobby pins. They are longer and don’t fold over.

– Use a comb with ribbon sewn on to it. The veil is then sewn on to the ribbon. This will reduce the chance that the veil fabric tears, but if the veil is very heavy, the comb could still become displaced. At your request, we are happy to sew your veil to a 1/8″ wide ribbon and then sew it to one of our 3″ combs.

Once you have you’ve decided on your veil attachment, take a look at our other guides to creating your perfect custom wedding veil.

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