In 2013, Classic Veils launched with a vision to revolutionise the bridal veil industry.


Offer high quality customizable bridal veil designs online at an affordable price, and provide the best customer service possible!


How we do that…

We studied and became experts in all things veils.

We sought out and found the best veil manufacturer in the U.S. who has been in business for 24 year allows us to work very closely with them in the veil making process. 

Finally, we implemented systems that provide brides, along with their moms (and even grandmas) with an effortless process of envisioning, creating, and ordering a perfect bridal veil from the comfort of their own home.

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About The founder

The Original Classic Veil’s Bride

Veil expert and wedding blogger Meredith Shackleford went dress shopping for her own wedding back in 2013. She realized how ridiculously expensive it was shopping in a bridal boutique, especially for bridal accessories.

Circumstances aligned to allow her to solve this pain point for brides — including herself — and Classic Veils was born.

Creating a place where brides can create and find their dream veil without the astronomical price tag has always been at the heart of her brand ideal.

“I believe that how you get to the moment of holding your custom bridal veil in person is just as important as getting to the final design. Each step of my process — from the first point of contact, to production, and shipping — is so important. I don’t believe in perfection, but I frequently ask myself, ‘How can I do things better?'”

“Our process is part of the reason you can feel truly confident about buying your bridal veil online.”

Meredith is honored to help you with your big day. She’s available to help you find the veil of your dreams to complete your wedding day ensemble!

Born & Raised

Vancouver, British Columbia

Surrounded by the ocean, the great outdoors and travelling with my family


Vancouver, British Columbia

Received a Bachelor of Technology in Forensic Investigation from BCIT. Also, a Diploma in Events and Convention Management from Thompson Rivers University.

Professional Work

Vancouver, British Columbia

Worked in many jobs over the years — a cashier at IKEA, kids camp leader, and even a private investigator. Turned to wedding planning and entrepreneurship. Quickly came to realize that to be successful in any industry you must perfect the ability to give really great customer service.
Current Life


Own and operate both Classic Veils and Love & Lavender. My husband and I reside in Ireland and currently live as digital nomads in various European countries.

The four things that make us who we are.

Our Values

1.0   Traditions

Although some traditions may seem outdated, they are still important and can represent a critical piece of our culture. In a room full of white dresses, the veil is what sets the bride apart from the rest.

2.0   Experiences

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” 
Life is about experiences. Make sure each one counts.

3.0  Knowledge

Think outside the box and dare to be different — like wearing a pink veil!

Be a leader not a follower.

Educate, discover, create, and challenge yourself.

Keep growing every day.

4.0  Quality over Quantity

Owning items of quality that you love brings stories and clarity to your life rather than clutter and fog. 

Our Process

From our studio to your home