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Vintage Wedding at a Private Airfield 



Theme: Vintage, Rustic, Winter Color Scheme


A big congratulations to one of our brides! She looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day.

Love takes Flight at this vintage themed wedding at a private airfield! Read on to learn all about their wedding and get some much needed tips from a real bride. 

The Veil 

If you’re wondering about her custom made veil, Remy chose a two tier circular cut 30” X 108” with a cut edge and scattered pearls throughout.

She added double sided pearls to her blusher which is key so that the pearls are not backwards once the blusher comes down. I don’t know about you, but I seriously love this style of veil and it worked so perfectly with her gown! 

Love Story


From the bride: We like to joke that we don’t know how long we’ve known each other. Some of Jake’s friends in primary school were my friends in high school, so we saw each other at different parties and gatherings while we were teenagers. 

It was until two years after we graduated that we met at a mutual friend’s pub crawl that we started talking and haven’t stopped since.















Ceremony & Reception Theme


Our wedding was at a private airfield that specializes in vintage aircraft, so that really drove the theme. The color scheme was burgundy, gold and blush, as we wanted deep colors to fit in with the planes. Plus, the darker colors felt like they complemented a winter wedding. 

Our ceremony took place at the observation tower, which had a beautiful floral installation made up of Australian native flowers. I loved how the flowers complemented the surroundings, including an old tin shed nearby. 

I wanted to really lean into the vintage theme, so part of our ceremony decor included classic velvet lounge sets for people to sit at. 

We had two additional parts to our ceremony. The first was an acknowledgment of the country, which was done by our celebrant. They offer it to all their couples, and it was something we really wanted to do. It helped us to feel more connected to the place we were getting married, while also paying respect to the traditional owners. 

The second thing that we did was do a handfasting. We had 5 people come up and place strands of ribbons over our hands, which symbolized our families, us as individuals and our life together. Our celebrant then tied them together around our hands, before we pulled on them to officially tie the knot (love a good pun).

We had a very informal reception, with the lounge sets and benches from the ceremony making up the majority of the seating.

Bridal Look

The dress I ended up wearing is the complete opposite of what I thought I wanted. I originally went in thinking I was going to wear something non-traditional, pink and sparkly. My dress was a wild card suggestion from my stylist, who I think knew me better than myself! I ended up with a white satin gown, with off the shoulder sleeves and rouching on the top. I liked how I felt in the dress, and how I looked in the dress, rather than how the dress looked on me. Plus, as it was a more classic style, it seemed to work better with our venue.

Once I had the dress, the rest of my bridal look fell into place pretty quickly. I was definitely inspired by looks from the 1950’s and my hair and makeup definitely reflected that, with Hollywood waves, red lips and winged eyeliner.

For my veil, because of how simple my dress was, I knew I had a bit more freedom to be more dramatic. I knew I wanted something with volume, so I went for a two tiered circle cut style. The different tiers were visually interesting to me, and I liked having them connected, which I was able to do with the cut. I did end up getting my sparkle in the fabric of the veil, which was sparkle ivory and I had sparkle pearl embellishments, which went with other elements of my outfit. Krystal and the team were very helpful in answering all my questions. As someone who can be quite specific about what they want, Classic Veils was able to not only create exactly what I wanted but exceeded my expectations!

Gifts & Favors

I gave my bridesmaids two sets of gifts, one when I asked them to officially to be bridesmaids and then on the day. The first set included an embroidered robe with their name, an engraved wine glass with their name and the date of the wedding on it and also a small bottle of prosecco. On the day I gave them a personalized jewelry box. My husband gave his groomsmen watches, which came in personalized boxes. 

We didn’t do favors, as we felt the money could be spent better in other places. However, we did have blankets available on the day that people could use, as it was the middle of winter, which we’re free to take home. The ones that were left were donated.

Wedding Playlist

For my entrance song I had Love Is In The Air (Strictly Ballroom edition) by John Paul Young. It’s an upbeat song, which I was able to dance down the aisle to. There’s a hilarious picture of me posing during a dramatic part of the song. 

For our recessional song we played Exactly How You Are by Ballpark Music. Again, it’s an upbeat song and the chorus repeats “I love you exactly how you are”, which I think is a lovely thing to be playing after you just got married. 

For our first dance, we had a choreographed dance to Impossible by Nothing But Thieves. Jake was the one to pick it out, and I loved the lyrics. It was a lot of fun learning the dance to the song and would highly recommend if you have the budget taking dance lessons, just to do something together as a couple. 


Yes, but not so much in the traditional sense. On our RSVPs we asked people to include advice or memories, which we then printed in photo frames, which we spray painted gold and placed around our reception. That was pretty much the extent of my DIY abilities.

However, as our venue was not set up as an event space, we had to bring in everything, furniture, decorations, linens and all, which is a different form of DIY, I guess.


We are currently in the process of packing up our lives so we can go camping around Australia for a year.

Wedding Planning Tips & Tricks

These are my three biggest tips/takeaways from the wedding planning experience: 

  1. If it doesn’t feel authentic for you as a couple to do, don’t do it. I adopted the philosophy during wedding planning that except for what was legally required to make our marriage official, everything was an optional extra. Don’t like flowers? Don’t have them. For us, having a three course formal sit down meal didn’t feel like us, so we had a burger truck. This helped not get swept away with everything that comes up in wedding planning, and made the day feel like us.
  2. Pick vendors that you get along with. One of my favorite things about wedding planning was feeling like we had a team surrounding us that were just as excited for our wedding and getting us married as we are. I genuinely wanted to be friends with some of my vendors by the end. You are going to spend a lot of time with some of them in the lead up to and on your wedding day. It’s going to be a lot smoother if you get along with them. 
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I know it’s common advice, but it’s for a reason. This is a day to celebrate you and your person and being with all the people you love. Things are going to go wrong, but no one is going to remember those things. Have fun, don’t let the small things spoil it.

List of Vendors


Azure Creative photography @azure_creative_photography




That Altar Guy 


Wedding planner: 

Hunter Events Group



The Flower Alley 




Makeup by Amanda J 



Shieke Hair and Beauty 





Two Birds Bridal 



Classic Veils




Woolcott St 


Dance lessons: 

Your First Dance Co 



Cakes by Carissa 


Cheese board: 

Miss Mays Events


Burger Truck: 

Mr Hoagies


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